Our Story

yep, of course there's a story!

long, long ago...

The Edward Family decided that a disposal store was just what Cairns needed, so City Place Disposals (later Northern Disposals) was born.  Through time,  the store evolved from just disposal gear into everything you need to get you out into the great outdoors.  We’ve been through a couple of name changes over the years, from ‘The Camp Spot’ to ‘Cairns Camping World’ and now as Cairns Camping Specialists.  

What hasn’t changed though, is that we are still the same family business who are committed to selling you quality goods and helping you get out to explore our incredible Australian Bush (or even just to camp-out in the backyard!).  

We love camping and exploring ourselves, and we not afraid to test the limits of the equipment we sell…making sure you get the quality you need.

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